A DVD Update!

If there’s one question that comes up more than any other among my fans it would undoubtedly be: “When is the next DVD coming out?” OK, maybe the SECOND most asked question behind “Does Taylor have a sister who’s single?”

Well I’m happy to announce that the DVD is finally going to be taped this year! In fact, the taping dates are October 23 & 24 so if you’re in Las Vegas those days make sure to come out and be part of history! At least part of the history of the DVD; perhaps insignificant to many but very important to myself and you wonderful fans out there that make a new DVD necessary!

We had a few delays and setbacks (Delays and Setbacks is the name of my law firm) and have actually been planning a new DVD for the last two years, but it’s finally happening and I have to say I have never been more excited.

After years of hard work writing and planning, we’ve created a show that I think represents the show in Vegas better than ever and now you’ll have it in your very own homes!

The work never ends though, since once the new DVD is out we have to continue to create new characters and material so those of you who are able to make the journey out here to the desert will be able to see a different show than what you see on the DVD. I just want to make sure I always give you my best and keep you coming back year after year, so it’s worth all the hard work as long as you’re happy. And when you’re happy, I’m happy…so we are all happy!

Anyway, I hope to see you in October to help us out as we continue to entertain you, and if not I hope to see you in your DVD and Blu-ray players!

TTFN (TaTa for now!), my wonderful fans!


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